sv spirithawk 1972 schooner view of the bow and asrtwork

Captain’s Log? Star Date? Blog? No it’s not about Star Trek, though the smart watch from Garmin on your wrist, You can feel the deja vu. What does it mean to be a blogger or to be blogging? Blogging is an online journal. For sailors it can be the same thing as the captains log. The Into The Emerald Blue Blog is like the captain’s log for SV SpiritHawk. What does SV stand for is usually the next question. It is short for sailing vessel.

SpiritHawk is a custom wood and fiberglass Schooner type sailboat originally built in 1972. In 1997 she was rescued from a Seattle boat yard by ShipWright James Reed who is a co-author of this blog along with his wife, Sheree Lincoln. In 2006 Sheree originally started a Blog on Blogger called Come SailAway ~ Sailboat Living. There she shared stories of sailing and boating adventures wave walking with her parents from 2006 to 2013 aboard their 47’ Vagabond sailboat SV Majestic Dream and in the last year or so aboard their 34’ Mainship Trawler Ring of Fire. She will be reposting some of this stories here. You can also visit the blog at

You can read more about the rescue of SpiritHawk and the two refit and renovations that she went through, first in 1997 and then again in 2020, in another blog post coming soon. You can also follow the two year refit on FaceBook @sailingspirithawk and on Instagram @sailingspirithawk.