Shipwright James Reed at the helm of SpiritHawk

James has lived on SpiritHawk for 24 years. This beautiful sailboat was built in 1972. She is 40’ feet long over all and 32’ along the water line. We have approximately 250 square feet of living space below deck. She is unique and a custom built, one of a kind Pacific North West Schooner similar to a Thunderbird Yawl. She was originally a Gaff Headed Schooner Rig and is now being re rigged as a Gaff Main Stay Schooner. The old Gaff sail is going to be reworked and up-cycled to become a Fisherman sail. More soon about Gaff Rigged Boats, about SpiritHawk and the renovation and changes she has gone through in design, as well as more about James and how he came to live in a sailboat all these years.

SpiritHawk day of launch after a 2 year refit. Belle Hartchee Marina.